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American Eagle Investigations is staffed by Investigators and Private Detectives, each of whom has an average of 25 years of experience in the private investigations.


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It is a fact of life that everything is not always as it appears on the surface. Whether it is business partners, job applicants, or even family members – everyone has something they’re trying to hide. The only question is how they do it, what kind of impact their secret will have on you, and what lengths they will go to in order to keep it hidden.

At American Eagle Investigations, we live by one simple premise – we find the truth. With an unwavering tenacity we leave no stone unturned, delivering our clients peace of mind and certainty.

Whether you own and operate a huge business or just want to make sure you’re not being lied to by a spouse, our international network of investigators and detectives has the resources to uncover what is hidden and the client commitment to ensure that your concerns are treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Get to the truth with our video and photo evidence!

As part of our investigative techniques, we use state-of-the-art surveillance to get you the evidence you need, regardless of the type case we are working on. We recommend that you do not perform surveillance on your own, as New York’s surveillance laws are somewhat complicated. It is strictly prohibited to trespass on private property to spy on a potentially cheating spouse, while it is simply best not to hack into a computer without specialized equipment so that potential evidence is not accidentally deleted.

Instead, contact us at American Eagle Investigations: Whether it is a surveillance video, a photo or any other piece of evidence, our experienced private investigators will provide it for you. For more information or a confidential consultation, call us at 212-344-8997 or fill out our contact form.

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